Arlington Air Conditioning Tune Up Checklist

ac tune up checklistWithin a few months, the torrid Texas sun will be beating down on all of us, which means that air conditioning becomes a must. At Max Mechanical, we pride ourselves on being an invaluable source of Arlington AC repair, and can provide either AC tune up or AC replacement, if necessary. The latter might be the case for a business, since stifling heat can drive potential customers away. Therefore, making sure we’re there to perform a commercial AC installation is the best move you can make. If an air conditioning tune up is all you need, the professionals at Max Mechanical can also help you there. A number of items are on every check list and they include:

  • Running a simple air conditioner test can be done by turning a unit off and on. This helps discover any strange noises or odors that may have developed.
  • The safety devices and the electrical disconnect box should be checked to make sure that no issues exist. Also, the voltage and amps on all the motors need to be assessed to determine if there are any problems.
  • The thermostat should be set at the appropriate level to make sure that it remains cool without ratcheting up energy costs.
  • If you have an older AC unit, it’s a good idea to make sure that moving parts like the compressor, fan motor or the blades themselves are lubricated to ensure continued smooth running.
  • The air filter is one of the more important components of an AC, so it’s best to replace it before dirt begins building up. Otherwise, the evaporator coil begins icing up, so keeping the coils running smoothly not only saves on monthly energy bills, but lengthens the lifespan of an AC.
  • Those coils and any electrical wiring need to be inspected to make sure that they’re tightened properly. Only a trained professional should attempt this, given the inherent dangers involved as well as the potential to cause damage that will lead to costly repairs.
  • The condenser unit pans also need to be cleaned and inspected in order to guarantee easy airflow. If the drain is clogged with any form of buildup, water damage could result and the indoor humidity of a facility can also be affected.
  • The refrigerant levels need to be checked and adjusted to an appropriate level. That’s because having lower levels of the coolant will result in higher energy costs and more frequent replacement.
  • Making sure that the ductwork is running smoothly is likely one of the most important maintenance issues, since this area accounts for 40 percent of your energy costs.

You might be in need of commercial AC installation, looking for an AC replacement, or just need an AC tune up. Regardless of what it is, Max Mechanical is an Arlington AC repair company that covers it all. Get a free estimate online or give us a call at 817-459-4100.

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