Richland Hills AC Service

Richland Hills AC Service

Having access to air conditioning in the great state of Texas is something the people want and need, since the alternative is enduring the soaring temperatures that come every summer. That’s why when any Richland Hills AC service is needed, you want a company that will take your needs into account.

Any Richland Hills HVAC unit can be vulnerable to an abrupt shutdown due to a number of reasons. However, those reasons really aren’t important to the people forced to live or work in such sweltering conditions. They just want the comfort they were enjoying to return, something that’s a part of every Max Mechanical Richland Hills AC repair.

Preparation is Everything

Once our company receives a call, we’re ready to handle any issue. That’s because we make sure to equip each truck with all the tools, materials and other items that make up a regular call. That not only saves us time in reaching your home or business, but also strongly reduces the likelihood that any Richland Hills AC service call will require a second visit to finish the job.

Guarantees You Can Bank On

In those extremely rare instances where we need to correct a Richland Hills AC repair job that took place within the past year, we make sure that a warranty is in place to cover any such possibilities. That’s because we know your hard-earned money shouldn’t require two payments for the same job.

That sort of ethical approach is ingrained within all the Max Mechanical family and also comes across in other such guarantees. For example, once we get a request to fix one of our Richland Hills HVAC installations that took place within the past two years, we make sure that the job is handled within two days. Otherwise, we owe you a $250 check for your misery.

That guarantee is based on the principle that our highly-trained staff will do everything within its power to provide quality service. This includes installing your Richland Hills HVAC unit on the day you select, or we’re out another $250. That's because we know that juggling schedules around can be a hassle, so should such a circumstance take place, you’re duly compensated.

What We're All About

Max Mechanical is a proud member of both the local Better Business Bureau and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. We hold ourselves to exacting standards that we strive to maintain. It’s the only way we know how to do business, and the only that we want to do it.

So when Richland Hills AC repair is needed, make sure that Max Mechanical is the company you call. Contact us today to handle all your Richland Hills AC service needs.