Richardson AC Service and Repair

Richardson AC Service and Repair

Those who live in Richardson or anywhere in the state of Texas are well aware of just how hot it can get during the summer months, which means having a working A/C unit is a necessity for any resident.

Capable of Handling a Myriad of Issues

Making sure that any Richardson air conditioning unit is humming along with no trouble is something that Max Mechanical is well equipped to handle.

Simple maintenance on a unit should be done on a regular basis, and the larger the unit, the more complicated the job. When it comes to any Richardson AC repair, it's probable that anything that comes up on a call can be handled with just one call.

We don’t waste time once a service call is received, since we know that living under the withering heat that’s part of a Texas summer can be unbearable. That’s why our service vans have all necessary material inside, ready to handle any problem that develops.

It might be related to the refrigerant, the drain pan or perhaps the coils, but whatever it turns out to be, we’ll make sure that our staff exudes the utmost in professional behavior.

Quality Work and a Guarantee

The residents of Richardson have come to know that Max Mechanical fully backs its work. That type of iron-clad guarantee helps reassure you in the event any problems develop either during or after a service call on a Richardson air conditioning unit.

That type of approach is because we have the utmost confidence that our staff of experienced personnel will do the job right the first time. Also, our customers deserve nothing less than our best effort each and every time.

Putting Our Own Money on the Line

One way to show that this philosophy isn’t hype that’s the size of Texas is by offering a warranty of one year on any Richardson AC repair job. Another relates to installations that have been scheduled for an A/C unit, which will guarantee that if we fail to install your unit by the agreed-upon date, you’ll receive $250 in compensation.

Another $250 guarantee connected to any installation that occurs within the previous two years is based on the pledge that your Richardson air conditioning system will be fixed within two days after we’re notified of any issue. If we fail to live up to that agreement, you’ll be the recipient of a $250 check.

Lone Star Pride

We take pride in the fact that we've been a locally-owned business in the Richardson area for more than 20 years. During that period of time, we’ve established an impeccable reputation for quality work and treating our customers with care and concern.

So when you're looking for a Richardson AC repair company you can trust, Max Mechanical is where you want to go when you need a refreshing cascade of A/C in your home. Contact us online for an estimate.