Plano AC Service

Plano AC Service

The residents of Plano have gone through enough summers to know the thought of going without air conditioning at any point during the summer months in a non-starter. That’s why making sure that your Plano HVAC unit has been properly serviced is a wise investment.

Foresight Saves Money

Max Mechanical has extensive experience in providing Plano AC service. Our highly-trained technicians possess the background to deal with all the potential issues that might emerge during any regular checkup.

An approach of careful maintenance is always the best course of action. Such issues might be related to the inner workings of the unit or focus on certain aspects like the cleanliness of the coils or amount of refrigerant, but regular maintenance can address such areas.

Avoiding Costly Repairs

Neglect in this area will only tack on added costs that result from any Plano AC repair. This obviously takes a bigger toll on your wallet, but can generally be avoided by having our technician spot issues before they emerge.

When such service takes place, our customers have the satisfaction of knowing that our Plano AC repair comes with a one-year warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll quickly address the problem free of additional charges.

However, any type of Plano HVAC work that Max Mechanical undertakes comes with different concerns. Specifically, the size of a particular unit, with the standard home AC being relatively uncomplicated for our technicians. For businesses with huge AC units, the job can become more intricate.

Money Matters to Us, Too

Regardless of which area you fall under, we’re prepared to put our own money on the line to make sure that we live up to our word for any Plano AC service. If an installation fails to take place on the agreed-upon date or any repair takes longer than two days after notification, we’ll send you a check for $250 as our way of apologizing.

We know that costs related to any Plano AC repair can stretch a budget beyond its means, which is why Max Mechanical offers third party financing through GE Capital. Short-term loans beginning at zero percent APR can be as comforting as the cool air from your home unit.

Keep Cool With One Call

So be sure to take advantage of Max Mechanical’s Plano AC service to make sure that the searing heat next summer is just an afterthought. We’ve been in business since 1994 and can handle your Plano HVAC job. Call us today!