Lewisville AC Service

Lewisville AC Service

The need for AC repair is never more important than in the blazing months of a Dallas-Fort Worth summer, when temperatures routinely hover near or above the triple-digit mark. That’s why having Max Mechanical to handle your Lewisville AC service allows you to maintain your comfort level, even during the most torrid periods of that time of year.

Taking Care of Business

We perform tuneups or other everyday maintenance on your AC equipment. In other types of situations, our customers might be a new business looking to install a huge AC system, or could be a customer who needs some AC repair.

In the latter situation, such repairs can usually be diagnosed and fixed in one service call. That’s because we know through more than 20 years of experience what type of repair is needed. Therefore, we can supply our service vans with the appropriate level of items to get the job done right.

Guarantees You Can Trust

One of the main reasons our customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area keep coming back to us is the fact that when we guarantee something, it’s not just words on a piece of paper. We treasure that bond we have with our customer, so we make sure that if some issue crops up along, the way, we’ll guarantee to make it right.

How is that done? By providing a one-year warranty on all repairs, and making sure that you have your AC installed when scheduled. In the latter case, this is achieved by offering the customer $250 if their Lewisville AC service isn't installed on the agreed-upon date.

Also, if the AC system breaks down during the first two years, and it’s not fixed within two days of informing us, you receive $250 for your frustration. In addition, should the AC compressor fail twice within the first 24 months, Max Mechanical will replace it free of charge as part of our No Lemon guarantee.

We even offer a guarantee for property protection, which means that our experienced staff will make sure they don’t track dust, dirt or mud into your home, and will be aware of the surrounding area. Should any damage occur, we’ll replace it ASAP.

The Value of Our Name

A company is only as good as their reputation, and Max Mechanical makes sure that ours is beyond reproach as a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and with the Better Business Bureau. By providing quality Lewisville AC service, as well as AC repair to the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area, we strive to make sure our customers are the beneficiaries of that legacy. Give us a call for Lewisville AC service.