Kennedale AC Service and Repair

Kennedale AC Service and Repair

When Oliver S. Kennedy founded Kennedale, he knew how brutal the summers could be. Unlike our current neighbors, he did not have the benefit of Max Mechanical to make his home and his working life more comfortable. With summer highs in the mid 90s and humidity hovering around 80%, it is essential to have a Kennedale AC service company with a reputation that is second to none, delivering a service that is second to none, that offers guarantees that are second to none.

Why Choose Max Mechanical?

Whether you need a new system installed, or an existing system repaired or serviced, Max Mechanical is the name to choose.

Our company was founded in 1994 to bring a new standard of excellence to delivering, installing, servicing and repairing all AC, heating and refrigeration equipment. Kennendale residential and commercial customers benefit from our years of experience, our unprecedented levels of technical expertise, and our close attention to detail.

Our AC Services

You expect your AC and your heat pump to work as intended. You want everything to be efficient, to cost as little as possible to run, and you want temperatures to stay at the desired level. We install the right system for the size of your property and for the way you occupy it.

Residential systems are usually straightforward. Commercial properties may need a system that uses zoning, for example, to deliver low-cost efficiency. It may be that your commercial building is not properly insulated, so you need something more than a straightforward Kennedale AC service program. In that instance, you need a more detailed investigation to determine how best to achieve the results you want. We do all of these things.

Our technicians are so well respected within the Kennedale AC repair community that our competitors will, sometimes, call us for advice. We are happy to give that advice, because our goal is to ensure everyone in Tarrant County, and beyond, gets the home and work life they deserve.

Professionalism At It's Finest

When you call for installation, service or repair you expect professionalism, and you want care and consideration. Our technicians will pay attention to everything. We do not accidentally damage outdoor shrubbery or lawns, and we do not knock door frames or the corners of rooms. We do wear covers on our shoes and lay down hall runners to walk on. Your home or office is important to you, and important to us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by everything we do. Like our service, our guarantees are second to none. We guarantee that your new system will be in and working by the agreed date. Should your AC fail twice in the first two years, we will replace it. If your furnace heat exchanger fails in the first ten years, we will give you a new furnace. If our service fails for a reason within our control, and your frustration level exceeds normal, we will happily pay you $250 by way of apologizing. Our existing customers will tell you that we don’t need to pay out very often!

Trust Max Mechanical!

If you live or own a business in this beautiful part of Texas, and you need a Kennedale AC service specialist who will do it right first time, on time, every time, then please contact Max Mechanical.