Irving AC Service

Irving AC Service

The serene comfort that comes from air conditioning in the Irving area can sometimes be interrupted by HVAC issues that need to be addressed. This means that Irving AC repair will likely be required, something that Max Mechanical has been well-equipped to handle on a daily basis for more than two decades.


We offer residential Irving, TX Air Conditioning repair as well as commercial needs. From a regular maintenance schedule to an in-home assessment to keep your family's air clean, our team has your back.

When you invest in your new AC unit, we can help you pick the right cooling system for your needs. Then, we'll install it flawlessly so that you start your AC experience off the right way. With affordable and transparent pricing, our installation process will flow smoothly every time.

We also handle Irving, TX heating and heat pump needs. You can rest easy with Max Mechanical on the case! With our guaranteed service and highly skilled technicians only a phone call away, Irving, TX residents will get the best service Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating has to offer!

Thinking Ahead of the Curve

With our background in the HVAC business, Max Mechanical has always emphasized the value of regular Irving AC service to its many customers. While that may include repair to units, the main goal is for proper maintenance so that any issues that crop up can be detected quickly. This helps keep any Irving AC repair bills to a minimum.

While some companies have to make multiple service calls to take care of a single issue, we make sure that such scenarios are kept to an absolute minimum. This is accomplished by making sure that each service van is properly stocked with the necessary equipment, so that trips back and forth don’t prolong your discomfort.

Focusing on the Customer

Coupled with that foresight is the unspoken agreement to treat our customers with the respect they deserve. For example, we know that an installation of an AC unit is something that you want as soon as possible. That’s why we guarantee that if our company is unable to install your unit on the agreed-upon date, we’ll send you a check for $250 to reimburse you for the inconvenience.

Such guarantees also extend beyond AC installation, with another $250 offered when any HVAC system that breaks down isn’t repaired within two days after we’ve been notified of your problem.

The fact that we’ve been in business since 1994 is a pretty good indication that our skilled technicians and our work ethic are the difference when it comes to Irving AC repair.

Financial Assistance Available

In addition, we know that some Irving AC service calls can be financially challenging for our customers, which is why we have arrangements to offer financing through a third party. These are short-term loans that have rates beginning at zero percent APR.

People You Can Trust

Taking all of this into account is one way to show how Max Mechanical focuses its energies on making sure that our customers are our top priority when it comes to Irving AC service.

Our team is your best bet for friendly, professional AC services. You can count on us to do the best job to satisfy your needs and keep your home cool all year long.

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