Highland Park AC Service

Highland Park AC Service

A summer in Texas and quality air conditioning are a match made in heaven, and that’s just where you’ll be when you put your faith in Max Mechanical to handle your Highland Park AC service and overall HVAC needs. Should any Highland Park AC repair be necessary, you can also trust us to do the job right.


We offer residential Highland Park, TX Air Conditioning repair as well as commercial needs. From a regular maintenance schedule to an in-home assessment to keep your family's air clean, our team has your back.

When you invest in your new AC unit, we can help you pick the right cooling system for your needs. Then, we'll install it flawlessly so that you start your AC experience off the right way. With affordable and transparent pricing, our installation process will flow smoothly every time.

We also handle Highland Park, TX heating and heat pump needs. You can rest easy with Max Mechanical on the case! With our guaranteed service and highly skilled technicians only a phone call away, Highland Park, TX residents will get the best service Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating has to offer!

The Background to Do It Right

When it comes to that potential Highland Park AC repair, it's best to avoid it at all costs. That’s because the difference between having the professionals at Max Mechanical perform preventative maintenance and having them come over after the damage has been done is often a costly endeavor.

Experienced professionals will handle your Highland Park AC service, which means you’re getting a valued name in the air conditioning and HVAC field. They offer trustworthy advice on when it might be time to think about replacing a unit, and installing an energy-efficient one so that you’ll save money on electric bills.

Our professional staff can pretty much take care of any issue during the course of a single service call. Our background has allowed us to stock each of our service vans with all the likely equipment that might be needed. Forward thinking like that not only keeps us on our toes, but provides you with the confidence in knowing that a problem won’t involve countless trips back and forth before a job is completed.

Bonding With Our Customers

Throw in the fact that we guarantee our service, and it’s easy to see why our customers continue to stick with us. For example, one pledge we offer is the No Lemon guarantee, which simply means that if we install new air conditioning and the AC compressor fails twice within the first 24 months of installation, a new one will be installed for free.

Tempers can get as hot as the weather when an AC system that’s less than two years old breaks down, and can completely blow when it hasn’t been fixed two days after calling for for repairs. If that situation ever develops with us, you’ll receive a check of $250 for your trouble.

If your Highland Park AC repair fails at any time during the course of the first year, it’ll be fixed free of charge. Meanwhile, any installations that aren’t done on the date specified will put another $250 in your pocket.

Just One Phone Call Away

Standards like that are why Max Mechanical has been a Highland Park AC service and HVAC provider for more than 20 years, so make sure to give us a call.