Flower Mound AC Service

Flower Mound AC Service

The residents of Flower Mound know very well just how torrid temperatures get in Texas when the heat arrives, which is why having consistent AC service is vital to enjoying all that life has to offer.

Preventative Maintenance

That service can be as simple as scheduling regular maintenance, so that issues that may only be in the formative stages are caught before becoming major problems. Such HVAC issues lead to major AC repair, which Max Mechanical is certainly capable of performing. However, they know that major repair bills are the last thing any Flower Mound homeowner or business wants.

Regardless of what type of AC service is required, all repairs are handled in a professional manner, coming with a number of guarantees that make sure the investment a customer makes is more than worth it.

Bonding with the Customer

Those guarantees include making sure that any HVAC installation takes place on the day scheduled and any repairs needed on one within two years will be completed within two days of first being contacted. Should the company fail to live up to those absolutely basic levels of service, the affected customer will receive a check for $250.

In addition, any AC repair come with a one-year warranty, which reassures the customer that every effort will be made to do the job right the first time.

Focused on Doing It Right

Making every effort to complete AC repair or that regular maintenance in one visit means that the service vans of Max Mechanical already are fully stocked with the necessities that come with each job. This not only saves time with regard to the service itself, but means that it gets going as quickly as possible, since those vehicles are sent out once we receive a call.

Experience and a Solid Reputation

The technicians that arrive for every job have been rigorously trained in all manner of service and repair. That means they have an innate ability to diagnose issues with HVAC units that allow for rapid, but effective repairs. At the same time, those technicians can offer valuable tips for that homeowner or business to make sure that the AC continues to flow.

That skill and willingness to assist is something that the company takes seriously, since they truly value the reputation that they’ve developed since first opening for business in 1994. That’s why they’re proud members of both the Better Business Bureau and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

Therefore, when thinking of the best AC service for those in Flower Mound, it won't take long to make a connection with that accolade to the folks at Max Mechanical.