Duncanville AC Service

Duncanville AC Service

Things in Duncanville are just like they are in every other Texas town during the summer months: scorching hot. That means that a consistently working air conditioning unit is something that has to be in place for any home or business.

Without a smooth-running Duncanville HVAC unit, the stifling heat can reach an unbearable or even life-threatening point. Therefore, making sure that service calls are conducted on a regular basis are a virtual given.

Keeping Cool When Things Get Hot

That Duncanville AC service can help avoid or limit the amount of repairs needed, since professional technicians have been rigorously trained to spot potential issues before they blossom into full-blown disasters.

When a company like Max Mechanical handles your Duncanville AC repair, you have the comfort of knowing that any system that breaks down that's less than two years old will be handled quickly. That’s because if we fail to fix the issue within two days of your call, we owe you $250.

Since we like holding on to our money, we make arrangements so that things like that don’t happen. All of our available service vans are stocked with necessary equipment, so that once your Duncanville HVAC unit needs work done, our top-notch customer service kicks into action.

Keeping Track of Your Money

A hidden benefit of setting up regular Duncanville AC service calls is that during each visit, technicians can offer tips on reducing energy bills. While this might end up resulting in the replacement of a unit, the combination of cost savings and comfort will be a good tradeoff.

When an installation takes place, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you have a two-year warranty on the AC compressor. If it fails at any point during those first 24 months, we’ll provide our Duncanville AC repair free of charge by installing a brand new one.

A Simple Choice

This is second nature for us, since we value the impeccable reputation that Max Mechanical first established more than 20 years ago. During that time, we’ve become a proud member of the community, with our Duncanville AC service and repair enhancing our membership in both the local Better Business Bureau and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

So whether your Duncanville HVAC unit is in need of maintenance or repair, get in touch with us today. Our service will keep things humming smoothly, while our Duncanville AC repair efforts will be competitively priced, so give us a call today.