Addison AC Service

Addison AC Service

Getting a respite from the heat and humidity that’s inherent in every Texas summer is the true value of having a Addison HVAC unit. However, when that equipment is in need of some fixing, it helps to know exactly where to turn to handle your Addison AC repair.

Knowledge Goes a Long Way

The company to contact in such situations is Max Mechanical, a local company that’s been around for more than two decades. Their highly-trained personnel possess the experience and ability to make sure that any Addison AC service call they make is handled in a skilled and professional manner.

Our technicians happen to know their way around a Addison HVAC unit, so that any job they perform is accomplished quickly and with a minimum of hassle for the customer. One way we accomplish this is by properly stocking each of our service vans so that virtually any eventuality is taken under consideration. By doing this, they can quickly return you to cool comfort.

Maintenance Assistance

Of course, in addition to Addison AC repair, regular maintenance on equipment is also available, which allows customers have the potential to likely save on any future repair bills. That’s because our technicians can spot potential danger signs in a Addison HVAC unit and take care of this issue before it turns into a full blown disaster. Along the way, they can offer important advice and steps to take in keeping this invaluable appliance humming.

Maintaining Standards

Max Mechanical is confident enough in their abilities to make guarantees that focus on assuring that the customer is treated right. One of these holds that should the AC compressor of an air conditioning unit that we install fail twice within the first 24 months, the customer will have a new one installed at no cost. In addition, any repairs that fail within a year are also handled at no charge.

Other Addison AC service guarantees include Max Mechanical writing a $250 check to customers who are inconvenienced by our missteps. These include such things as not installing an HVAC unit on the day scheduled and not fixing your air conditioning system within two days after being notified.

Competitive Pricing

Some companies seek to cut corners by offering the lowest cost, but the flaws in their market plan are exposed by the quality of their work. Max Mechanical is a company that charges a competitive rate and stands by its reputation, which is embodied by its membership in the local Better Business Bureau and Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Therefore, when Addison AC service is what you require, make sure to get in touch with Max Mechnical. We have the ability to make sure your Addison AC repair gets done right.