Annual Commercial HVAC Service

This is the biggest part of what we do. If annual commercial HVAC service has been recommended to you, you may want to know more about what you can get from professional services like these. At Max Mechanical, we work to ensure that our business and commercial clients have a worry-free experience. To get a better understanding of what our companies provide in our maintenance inspections that are part of our yearly business contracts for heating and air units, keep reading. You will see that we provide much more than an air filter change, and our expertise gives you an edge in extending the life of your current systems.

Working within corporate budget expectations

One of the disadvantages of corporate structures may mean postponing HVAC repairs or replacements. In the meantime, you need your hvac operable, especially for retail, server rooms (etc) In these cases, a company with decades of experience in the commercial HVAC business becomes essential. This means that we know which repairs can be made, and we also know how to speak with corporate headquarters when the situation is out of bounds and a total system replacement is needed immediately.

Keeping the health of your customers and employees optimal

One of the overlooked benefits of having a sparkling clean duct work system is healthier air. Depending on the type of business insurance company you use, having regular maintenance inspections of your AC or heater unit can result in lower annual premiums. In addition to providing the necessary services to complete the requirements in your insurance contracts, we can also help you file the correct paperwork to ensure you get your annual insurance premium rebate.

Fine tuning new heat and air installations

When you move into a brand new building, there are always a few tweaks along the way that will need to be addressed. For instance, if you cannot figure out how to reduce overall humidity in your business, it may be a simple matter of not having someone giving your air or heat unit an initial inspection. Sadly, many new construction pros forget that construction debris can get caught in the duct work. Other issues that lead to a need for new units to be replaced can be identified in an initial new construction inspection of the air or heat unit include power supplies that are not getting the right amperage and circuit boards that are not connected properly.

Avoid air and heat unit disasters with annual commercial HVAC service!

At Max Mechanical, we address heat and air units throughout Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas with a 20-step process for our semi-annual inspection agreements. In spring and fall, we will thoroughly check your heat and air units so they are ready to work hard all winter and summer. To start annual commercial HVAC service with us for your business, give us a call today! We are proud to have you choose us as part of your success team, and we are looking forward to visiting your business.