Air Conditioner Cages – Effective Method of Protection

Importance of AC CagesIn today’s world, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. People are willing to do nearly anything in order to make some fast cash, including theft from virtually anyone’s private home despite the apparent safety of the neighborhood. For these reasons, we lock the doors to our house, we secure our vehicles, and we purchase theft insurance for all of our major investments. Why should our heating and air conditioning units be an exception to this rule? The past three years have seen a major increase in the theft of air conditioning units and their parts in Arlington and throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth metro area. Thieves are primarily interested in raw metals such as copper that they can quickly turn into cash at local scrap-metal facilities. The problem has become so pervasive that, in many states, it is illegal for anyone to carry large amounts of scrap metal and copper without holding the proper license.

Thieves find ac units to be such attractive targets because they can be stripped with very little time and effort, leaving the homeowner with a lofty bill to clean up the mess. Protect yourself and your home from this disturbing trend by installing an air conditioning cage around the unit of your home. It protects your unit against theft and can guard it from falling debris or the damage caused by your own pet. A cage is a simple solution that puts one more barrier between your possessions and the thieves looking to take advantage.

One must not ignore the adage that it “will never happen to them” when considering whether or not to install an air conditioning cage. Despite the fact that thieves will only receive a couple of hundred dollars for the materials they steal, reports across Arlington, Dallas, Ft Worth and the nation have shown that robbers have no problem hitting churches, schools, and daycares, opening anyone up as a potential target.

You may think that a thief will simply remove the cage in order to steal the copper from the unit. However, in reality, thieves are looking for the easiest target. Any additional effort that they must put into the job will be a major deterrent. They will be much more likely to move onto a site where the theft can be accomplished much more quickly. Some owners who are looking to save money on theft protection in this area believe that hiding the unit behind bushes or other forms of shrubbery will lessen their chances of becoming a victim. The truth is that the more the unit is out of view, the more likely it is to become a target. The idea that the criminal will be out of sight from passing cars and neighbors becomes very appealing.

A cage is an effective method of protection that costs much less than installing alarms or security monitors in order to guard the system. High-quality cages are made from stainless steel and can stand up to any type of weather conditions for decades down the road. The thickness of the steel prevents any tampering from any outside influence. Steel or iron cages will still provide ample space for the unit to take in air, and the total investment is typically under a couple of hundred dollars.

At Max Mechanical, we have had the unfortunate situation where our customers had to install an replacement ac unit because of damage from scrap metal thieves. Wether a business or a homeowner, let us consult with you on properly securing your unit to prevent such an incident. Call us at 817-459-4100.

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Miriam M. Woodward  /  November 11, 2013 at 5:01am  /  Reply

The sad truth is that the thief makes pretty nearly $40 and the mortgage holder/ entrepreneur causes roughly $700 in repairs or much more terrible, $5,000 or increasingly for another ventilation system in addition to establishment requires.

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