Why Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

ac blowing warm airThe scorching months of summer make having an air conditioner around something that’s second nature, given the mere thought of the misery that would follow without such comfort. Yet some people can find themselves dealing with warm air coming out of their AC unit, which demands an understanding of why something like this takes place. Listed below are six reasons:

1. Thermostat Settings

One problem that can be embarrassing to acknowledge when it comes to having a unit that isn’t functioning properly is the thermostat setting. Simply choosing between “Cool” and “Heat” can often be the difference, yet some people neglect to adapt to the change of seasons. This problem isn’t always related to simple omission since the issue could be caused by an inadvertent touch at some point.

2. Dirty Air Filter

Simply changing a thermostat to the cool position won’t necessarily result in the onset of comfort. The reason is that the air filter inside the AC unit hasn’t been properly maintained, allowing dirt to build up on it. That, in turn, leads to the evaporator coil suffering the same fate. While changing the filter is easy, doing the same with the coil is something that a professional should handle.

3. Depletion of Refrigerant

One of the most common problems with warm air in relation to an air conditioner stems from a leaking of Freon, the most popular refrigerant. Ordinarily, that shouldn’t be depleted while the unit is running, so when warm air starts flowing out, simply trying to add more Freon won’t do any good. This is a more complicated task that involves having a professional check it out.

4. Compressor Factors

The heat and humidity inside needs to have an easy way to leave a home or business, which is the main job of the compressor. One that works properly will usually last between 10 to 15 years, a long span that means any replacement will be costly. Regular maintenance will detect issues like a blocked suction line and whether or not debris is in the system. In some situations, either too little or too much refrigerant might be the cause.

5. Wiring Issues

With an intricate system comes countless wires between the inside and outside unit. Those families with house pets tend to have issues like this because of the allure that chewing on wires holds for dogs and cats. That can damage the wire or cause it to be cut or frayed. If that wire is broken, a call to an AC repair company should be the next step.

6. Breaker Switch Problems

There’s a distinct difference between the inside and outside units when it comes to the power supply used. Despite that contrast, the two need to work in tandem for cool air to flow inside, so if a breaker is tripped or a fuse blows, the outside unit can’t function. In the case of a power overload, breakers usually switch off, but if it continually happens, it makes sense to check with professionals.

Preventative Measures

Many individuals avoid this issue by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance for their AC unit. Having this handled by someone before the problem with an air conditioner becomes worse can end up saving that person or business a good deal of money.

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