A Brief History of The Air Conditioner

DFW air conditioning Dallas TX Fort Worth HVACWe’ve all heard that necessity is the mother of invention, and those words ring true regarding the invention of the world’s first air conditioning unit. Max Mechanical has provided air conditioning in DFW for years, and so we’ve seen first hand how miserable the Texas heat can be without an air conditioner! As amazingly useful as an AC unit is for cooling humans off, that actually wasn’t the reason why it was invented in the first place!

The World’s First Air Conditioning Unit

Around the turn of the 20th Century, the country was changing. The United States was becoming the world power we are today, expanding our industrial presence and building cities and towns to hold the exploding population. We’d left behind isolationism, the robust industries were promising jobs to those willing to come take them, and therefore we were opening our doors to the world. This brought in more people, more ideas, and more wealth. Businesses everywhere were expanding across the country. Railroad tracks were crawling across the landscape to carry products anywhere they needed to go. Urban areas were piling up with new workers, and consumers and living and working in close quarters was uncomfortable. On the top floor of a building in one of the largest of those urban areas – Brooklyn, NY – a man named Willis Carrier did his part to speed everything up. On July 17, 1902 in the offices of Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography and Printing Company, Carrier turned on the world’s first A/C unit.

The First A/C Unit Was Created To Help…Printing Ink!

Willis Carrier did not create the world’s first air conditioning unit to make it cooler in their offices, at least not at first. Carrier’s machine was focused more on controlling the humidity. In the printing business, humidity was the enemy, since it changed the consistency of the printing ink and paper being used in the printing machines. The Sackett and Wilhelms printing company was tired of dealing with humidity and Carrier, seeing that reducing the humidity was a necessity, invented the first A/C unit to fix the humidity issue. After his invention became successful, Carrier went on to form an air conditioning company and write what’s been called the “Magna Carta of air-conditioning.” Carrier is known as “The Father of Air Conditioning” and his company became, and still exists, as one of the world’s largest air conditioning, heating (HVAC), and refrigeration companies, Carrier.

Advancements In Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Carrier’s air conditioning helped revolutionize and advance industries from printing to food packaging; cinema to healthcare. With his invention, so much technology has been able to thrive and progress. Foods are kept at optimal temperatures for health and safety. Hospital patients are able to be made as comfortable as possible. Factory workers can handle hard work days that previously were even harder due to lack of comfortable temperatures. Even the technology used to write and read this article is made possible by the controlled temperatures in processing plants and laboratories that come from well-made air conditioning units. 

Need A New A/C Unit to Join the Rest of the Modern, Air Conditioned World?

After a long history of improvements, failures, trials and success, we now have air conditioners spread all over the world. Air conditioners can effectively cool homes and keep the inhabitants comfortable for years and years, yet they will need to be replaced and updated from time to time. If your A/C unit has been acting up or has stopped working completely, we’ve got the best equipment and experts in the field. Our air conditioning company in Arlington, TX is capable of servicing homes throughout the DFW area, so don’t hesitate to call us! You don’t want to be caught living in the pre-air conditioning past!

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