5 Ways to Attractively Hide Your A/C Unit

We’ve spent years installing A/C units, and even though the comfort is worth every penny, we realize a big A/C unit stuck against the side of a house or business establishment isn’t very attractive. Since we are only the DFW A/C experts and not landscape designers, we’ve scouted around the internet and found some inspirational ideas from people who have come up with their own creative solutions for hiding their A/C units!

1. Trellis with Plants Makes a Beautiful Cover

Wendy, the gardening genius of The Rabid Gardener blog, decided to use a trellis and some passion vine to hide her A/C unit. And as you can see from the photo, the trellis and plants do a great job of hiding the unit and adding a touch of beauty to the home’s outdoors.

2. Hiding Your Heat Pump with a Surround

When faced with a large heat pump beside her home, Sheila of Sheila Zeller Interiors decided to build a custom lattice surround for the unit. With some careful measuring, cutting, fastening, and painting, Sheila constructed a surround that hid the heat pump and kept her BBQ area looking neat and attractive.

3. Wooden Slats Hide an AC Unit Stylishly

Beth and Mark, the creative, hands-on homeowners behind House Pet, decided to tackle the problem of their unsightly AC unit by building a covering with wooden slats. The result not only hides the AC unit, it turns it into a work of art!

4. Attractive Mini House to “House” Your Unit

Daune, the blogger behind the creative home blog Cottage in the Oaks, has an eye for beauty and was quick to spot this “miniature cottage” housing the A/C unit at the home of her family’s violin teacher. While a DIY construction of a mini home A/C cover might make it a bit more of a complicated than other options, it’s a lovely, whimsical option that is worth the extra effort. And everyone loves whimsy in their garden!

5. Build a Fence to Block the View of the Unit

Another great A/C unit disguise comes from Pat, the landscape consultant at Visionscapes Northwest, a Portland landscape design company. Pat was renovating a small yard with the typical unattractive A/C unit taking up too much room, so she opted to hide it with a wooden screen and some attractive landscaping. The wooden screen does double duty, not only hiding the unit but also muffling the noise when the unit is running.


Contact Max Mechanical’s Air Conditioning Experts for Assistance

With all these great ideas for hiding your A/C unit, you don’t have to deal with an unsightly air conditioning unit taking away from the beauty of your property and home. If it’s time for you to replace an old model A/C unit to a more sleek, discreet model, contact our air conditioning company in Dallas and we’ll help you upgrade!

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