5 Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

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No matter if it happens to occur during hay fever season or any other time of year, an allergy is an aggravating problem to deal with for the resident of any home. Allergens can also be major problems for those with asthma or for the elderly. There’s really no reason why anyone needs to be in such discomfort or even at potential risk for such issues, which is why following any of the five steps below can alleviate this situation.

Filter Out Air Impurities Through Frequent Change

Over a period of time, the filters in an air conditioning unit will inevitably pick up dirt and debris, which eventually leads to such items being let loose into the air within a home. Having HVAC service performed to take care of an issue like that or simply scheduling preventative hvac maintenance work on a regular basis will help avoid the issue entirely.

Regular Service Keeps an Eye on Things

The reason that regular HVAC service is strongly recommended in this case is because many homeowners remain blissfully unaware of any impending issues regarding their unit. After all, it’s working just fine when you need it during another blazing Texas summer, so why bother checking on your own or having a service professional check it out.

The reason becomes abundantly clear when a breakdown occurs because of the buildup of mold from water that was left to drip. Having to breathe that in even before any breakdown is bad enough, especially for those with allergies. However, once the issue requires repair, the job can be an expensive one.

Clean Those Air Ducts

Something as simple as air duct cleaning can take care of the issue, yet it’s easy to overlook the process. That’s in part because the air traveling through the unit takes a circuitous route in which certain parts of that path can be missed.

Pinpointing exactly when to do any air duct cleaning can be difficult. For the inexperienced trying to save the cost of preventative maintenance handled by professionals, there’s the danger of inadvertently allowing bits of insulation to enter a home’s air space.

No Need for High Humidity

The continuing issue of mold forming and the subsequent air contamination that develops into a breeding ground for allergens is something that can be addressed by reducing a home’s humidity. One trap that many people fall into is that they believe that humidity can lowered by simply reducing your thermostat temperature.

All that does is keep the humidity high, which keeps allergens floating around. Actually increasing the thermostat to or just below 78 degrees is the best recommended solution, since this helps eliminate the chance that of any moisture surfacing.

Keeping It Clean

Regular cleaning of a home will help reduce the presence of dust particles, while consistent vacuuming will get rid of items that might be lying in wait within a carpet. For those with pets, it’s a good idea to make sure that any shedding they do is addressed promptly and that the bathroom is cleaned frequently to avoid issues with moist areas developing.

Your Best Choice for HVAC Service

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