5 Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill

Without a doubt, the most difficult times to control your energy bill as a Dallas homeowner is during the summer and winter – the two extreme ends of the temperature spectrum. As the summer is upon us, now is a great time to implement some important money-saving measures that can help keep your summer energy bill low. Ranging from quick and easy adjustments to larger improvements, there are tips in this article that are applicable to anyone!

Is Your A/C Unit At the End of Its Life? Replace It for More Efficient Usage

Yes, this is one of the tips that would take more money and time to implement, but could considerably reduce the amount of energy you utilize day after day, not only saving you money during the harsh Dallas summers but year round as well. Be sure to hire a reputable and licensed HVAC contractor to do any installation jobs instead of hiring out a freelancer or DIY. By having professionals install your new unit, you avoid the risk of voiding your warranty or creating issues you are not able to fix. 

Invest in a Fan

While it may seem counterintuitive – if you have a functioning HVAC unit, why do you need a fan? – having fans around the home can help move the air around the room, dispersing hot air and making it a more temperate environment indoors. Remember, heat rises, so all that trapped hot air can cause your room to seem hotter than perhaps it actually is – if you don’t have a ceiling fan, you can invest in a small box fan or oscillating desk fan that can do the trick. In order to avoid utilizing more energy than necessary (and to be safe from fire hazards) do not leave fans on for multiple days at a time, especially if you are not in the home.

Programmable Thermostats

Gone are the days of manual thermostats – programmable thermostats offer consistent, energy-efficient A/C output while conforming to the parameters that you set. You can program your HVAC to operate around your schedule, or the time of day, or even varying the temperature in different rooms at different times. This customization not only provides a more comfortable living environment for you and your family, but also is much friendlier on your wallet!

Keep Curtains and Blinds Shut During the Day

This is a small tip that all homeowners in Dallas should utilize during those brutal Texas summers – to help give your HVAC unit a rest, close your curtains and blinds against direct sunlight during the day. Keeping that hot sun out of your home can help reduce temperatures indoors, allowing your A/C to avoid having to overcompensate and drive up energy usage. This is something the whole family can participate in and help out with!

max mechanical shows how closing curtains can lower a/c bill

Replace Your Air Filters

You may see this tip utilized in many different HVAC blogs, and the reason is simple – it is a quick, easy and inexpensive fix to allow for unrestricted airflow within your home, a crucial aspect of allowing your HVAC unit to work as efficiently as possible. With more dust to compete with, your A/C unit will struggle to push out more air to compensate – thereby increasing your summer energy bill. 

For a summer check-up to ensure your HVAC unit is operating at peak performance and efficiency standards, contact the professionals at Max Mechanical. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond, we will come to you for your installation, repair, or maintenance needs.

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