5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad

ng inside a home is something that can abruptly change when the indoor air quality is compromised. Usually, a noticeable odor develops and seemingly permeates the home, with simply getting rid of indoor trash not really addressing the problem.

In reality, the more common circumstances end up pointing toward the HVAC system as the culprit for your poor indoor air quality. Listed below are five specific reasons why those bad smells are present:

A Dirty HVAC System

Lack of maintenance can help shorten the lifespan of an HVAC system, mostly because of the added wear-and-tear on the units involved. What develops is what’s known as the Dirty Sock Syndrome, since your dirty HVAC system is now pumping out all of the less-than-desirable odors because it hasn’t been checked out. This includes both an AC unit and the furnace.

Lack of an AC Tune-Up

One of the ways to tackle the problem of foul odors is to simply schedule an AC tune-up, something that far too many homeowners neglect.. With a regular AC tune-up, you can be assured that regular maintenance is performed and pertinent issues can be detected before they become worse.

Not Changing the AC Air Filter

Ideally, an AC air filter should be changed every month. However, too many people ignore this or simply become preoccupied with other things. The longer that filter stays inside, the less fresh air circulates.

That means odors begin to develop, which results in things like mold and mildew materializing. Those smells are subsequently breathed in by everyone in a home, which can be dangerous for individuals with respiratory issues or allergies.

Lack of Duct Cleaning

Moisture can sometimes find its way into a home’s air ducts, which again creates a perfect breeding ground for the development of mildew and mold. Since duct cleaning is usually only necessary every five years, it can cause people to forget about having it done.

Waiting until someone develops a respiratory infection from breathing in the mold isn’t a good strategy, so it makes sense to have a duct cleaning performed, since it only takes a few hours.

Electric and Gas Problems

The problem of foul odors pale in comparisons to the dangers resulting from odors that indicate a potential problem with the electricity or gas. With electrical concerns, either the wiring of the AC unit could be an issue or some problem with the motor.

For gas concerns that usually surface with the smell of rotten eggs, that could indicate the presence of a natural gas leak. Such issues could blow up a house or cause carbon monoxide to develop, which demands HVAC system repair immediately.

The Right Choice

Whether you have a dirty HVAC system or some other concern, Max Mechanical is ready to make sure your indoor air quality never deviates from your accepted comfort level. So contact us today to either set up some maintenance or check out your home systems.

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