5 Natural Ways To Lower Humidity At Home

lower humidity in homeThe presence of humidity within a home is something that’s natural but what’s not natural is an overabundance of it. That helps lead to higher energy bills, which helps take a costly bite out of the average homeowner’s wallet. However, there are ways to naturally achieve lower humidity that won’t end up being costly endeavors.

The five options below serve as areas to consider, with some merely requiring a small tweak in everyday life:

Covering Food on the Stove

The Harry Truman adage about getting out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat was based on cooking styles that thrived on high humidity. However, this is a key area that can be addressed by simply covering any food that cooks on the stove or in the oven. That makes this area less humid, consequently reducing the energy requirements.

Shorter Showers

A relaxing shower is always nice but the longer you remain in there, the more steam is produced. That increases the humidity, which in turn requires the cooling mechanism you have in place to work just a little harder. By reducing the amount of time in the shower and lowering the hot water pressure, less humidity develops.

Looking at Air Conditioning Concerns

The value of quality air conditioning isn’t lost on any resident of Texas, yet using it without addressing regular maintenance or potential air conditioning repair can cause problems. For instance, replacing filters on a regular basis will help maintain smooth air flow and thereby lower humidity. Checking the drip pans and drain lines on the AC can also help and reduce the likelihood that any air conditioning repair is needed.

Reassessing Your Wall Insulation

Given the humid weather that hits Texas every summer, basements and crawl spaces are prime targets for increased moisture to develop in these areas. That brings about odors and the possibility of mold developing. Yet avoiding this is possible through additional wall insulation in the basement walls that naturally addresses the problem by blocking any added humidity.

Installing a Dehumidifier

A home or business that’s older will tend to have more issues related to humidity, so having an HVAC company install a dehumidifier will take care of some of the most pertinent concerns. Some models have an air vent on top, while others need to be strategically placed in an area where the windows and doors are closed. Moving the dehumidifier away from any furniture or the surrounding walls will help ensure that the room in question will receive the proper circulation. In most cases, the room where this will be situated will be the basement.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Max Mechanical has been in the business of helping homeowners and businesses get the lower humidity they’re seeking for their surroundings for more than two decades. During this time, their air conditioning repair and maintenance work has also made life more comfortable for these residents. So when the time comes that you need any such repairs or might be considering adding some wall insulation, contact us at Max Mechanical.

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