5 Benefits of Getting An Air Conditioner Replacement Now

If you have an older air conditioner that is struggling to cool your home, then you should strongly consider an AC replacement. Right now is the best time to make this investment. Learn about the top five benefits of replacing your AC this summer.

Reduce Spending
Aging units are money pits. They cost more to operate because they aren’t as energy efficient. Filters may be odd sizes which are harder to find and more costly. They also cost more to repair as you are constantly calling out the service team to add Freon, check for leaks, replace fans or handle other repairs. With an air conditioner replacement, your spending will steadily decrease. Repairs will not be needed, Freon levels will remain stable, filters are generally more affordable, and your energy consumption will drop drastically.

Improved Air Quality
When you invest in an AC replacement, you are also taking steps to improve the quality of air inside your home. A new air conditioner filters out more allergens and pollutants from the circulating air, and that keeps your home cleaner. As dust levels are reduced and allergens are slowly eliminated, you will find that the air is cleaner and easier to breath.

Tax Credits
The government is encouraging people to upgrade air conditioners with tax credits. You can now take a credit for 10 percent of your air conditioner replacement. Labor costs are excluded, but you can write off a sizeable portion of your new unit and receive up to $300 back in your taxes. In addition to the Federal credits, there are also some state incentives available. These discounts expire in 2016 or sooner, so it’s important to make the investment while the tax credits are still available.

Warranty Protection
A warranty gives you peace of mind. While it’s unlikely anything will go wrong with your new air conditioner, you will be covered if something does happen and your unit needs repairs.

Do you turn on your air conditioner now and cross your fingers that it will work? With a new system, you won’t have to do this anymore. When you turn on the unit, you can trust that you will soon feel a steady stream of cool, comfortable air. Whether it’s 50 degrees outside or 110 degrees in the shade, you will be able to count on your new system working.

Save money and improve the air quality in your home with a replacement air conditioner. Tax credits make upgrading more affordable, and you will save even more through lower utility costs. The systems are more reliable and energy-efficient than ever before, and you can also benefit from new warranties and attractive tax credits.

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