5 Apps To Control Your Wifi Thermostat

Controlling a thermostat with smart phones and other devices is easy when you have a wifi thermostat installed. These thermostats are specially designed to receive wifi signals and to respond to users commands. By downloading apps, smart consumers can save money on their energy bills because of the ability to control their home thermostat remotely.

5 Of The Best Apps For Controlling A Thermostat

Radio ThermostatRadio Thermostat – An app created for controlling several types of wifi thermostats, including Current Innovations, Radio thermostat, 3M Filtrete and AirWaves. This app for Android, iPhone or iPad allows users to see what current temperatures are in each room and to create heating and cooling schedules for energy savings.





EnergyHub AppEnergyHub – An app created for use with the 3M 50 Wifi thermostat, available for iPhone or Android devices. This app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for homeowners to know what temperatures are in specific rooms and to create schedules for changing temperatures throughout the day. A nice feature of this app is the five choices consumers have for energy efficiency. Most consumers choose the high energy efficiency setting.



Wifi Thermostat Controller - ecobee Smart

Ecobee App– Allows users to control their Ecobee wifi enabled thermostat using iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry devices. This app is highly rated for being easy to set up and use from any place, at any time. Ecobee also features an attractive full color screen. There is an commercial Ecobee app for use in places like restaurants, churches and other public places which allows commercial users to experience energy savings.

Nest App – A simple to use Nest Learning thermostat is appealing for those who love simplicity and functionality. Versions of the Nest app are available for iPhone, iPad, IOS and Android devices. The thermostat has a friendly simplicity for those using wifi enabled thermostat devices for the first time, or for those who love a clean look. Homeowners can also check energy use for the past 10 days, which helps in planning for energy savings.



Wifi Thermostat Controller by HoneywellHoneywell Total Connect Comfort App – Can be used with Honeywell wifi enabled thermostats and with EConnect Comfort System, Prestige and Prestige IAQ and Wireless Focus Pro. The app has several unique features including the ability to see five-day weather forecasts, access to multiple thermostats and the ability to view demos of thermostats when used in demo mode. This helps consumers make an informed decision about the best thermostat to buy.



It’s been estimated by the EPA that programmable thermostats help cut energy costs by as much as 20 to 30 percent. In some cases, homeowners see yearly savings of as much as $200. The ability to control thermostats remotely with wireless devices helps consumers save even more.

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