4 Things You Never Knew About Your Air Conditioner

Closing Your Vents Can Put a Strain on Your HVAC System

While it may seem like a normal thing to do in order to divert the cool air to other areas of the home, closing various vents around the house can ultimately put more of a strain on your HVAC system than you’d like, potentially causing costly damage down the road.

If you’re interested in exploring HVAC zoning in your home, you can work with an HVAC contractor like Max Mechanical to correctly implement it.

HVAC Technicians Should Be Licensed to Avoid Voiding Warranty

Not only is it imperative that you hire out your HVAC repair needs to licensed professionals to ensure the job gets completed correctly, it could save you hundreds down the line if you need to utilize a warranty. While warranties vary from company to company, most will have a clause that voids all responsibility of the original vendor if any unlicensed work was completed on that machine.

Dirty Filters can Cause Your Bill to Rise

The issue makes sense when you really think about it – if you were to blow into a straw, you wouldn’t have any issues. However, if you put a tissue in the straw, suddenly you’re having to exert much more effort into getting air to flow out the other side. It’s the same concept with dirty filters – your HVAC has to over-exert itself to compensate for the lack of air that’s able to push through the vent in order to maintain desired room temperatures.

Regular Maintenance is Crucial

It can be difficult to remember when you need to do perform regular maintenance on your HVAC systems – if you’re not actively experiencing issues, sometimes you can forget completely about it! However, it is an easy way to not only keep your A/C and heat running as efficiently and effectively as possible, it can stave off larger issues that could take more time and money to fix.


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