4 HVAC Maintenance Tips For Spring

Springtime Maintenance

As the weather improves and temperatures start to rise, the idea of doing spring maintenance on your appliances becomes a consideration. Considering that the climate in Texas becomes torrid once summer officially kicks in, that means zeroing in on the idea of HVAC maintenance in order to avoid the frustration of issues like an air conditioner breaking down at the worst possible time.

Max Mechanical has dealt with the yearly change of seasons for decades and knows that spring maintenance can be something that gets lost in the flurry of things going on in a particular homeowner’s life. To avoid this problem, listed below are four HVAC maintenance tips that can address pertinent issues and offer some peace of mind:

Regular Maintenance is Best

Having maintenance checks scheduled at least twice a year can help detect any developing issues or simply prevent problems from manifesting into major repairs. Usually, there can be reluctance on the part of a homeowner who’s leery about spending money on something when everything is running well.

Such a philosophy can best be boiled down to being penny-wise-and-pound-foolish. You can definitely save money by taking this approach, yet will end up paying much more for problems that could have been handled earlier. In addition, the lack of air conditioning in Texas during the summer is a prospect that no homeowner wants to face.

Knowing What to Check

Four key areas should always be part of every inspection of your HVAC unit, so make sure that they’re part of the investment you’re making. That means that the condenser coil on your AC unit should be cleaned, the capacitors should be inspected and tested, the refrigerant should be checked for leaks or blockages and the compressor should be looked at to assess the amperage and wiring.

Of course, other parts of this maintenance should include lubricating bearings, handling electrical aspects and testing the blower motor of the AC, while also checking the status of the blower belt. Such areas are second nature for any professional in this field of maintenance.

Ductwork Problems Can Increase Energy Bills

An efficiently-running HVAC unit should be the recipient of some spring maintenance in order to make sure that the heavy usage it’s likely to receive won’t become a costly energy expense. That can occur when problems with the ductwork are present.

Not fixing that means that the unit has to work harder, which means a shortened life span for that unit. In addition, that causes wasted energy that you still have to pay for, which means that this type of maintenance should always be considered.

Getting What You Pay For

In the search for quality maintenance work, you may come across enticing deals that offer to handle such work at a much lower cost. That should serve as a red flag for any homeowner, because the work performed is likely suspect.

The competitive price for maintenance job may cost anywhere from $70 to $100, so you should be wary of anyone willing to undercut such amounts. They likely lack the experience to do the job right or their reputation may not be the best. Either way, you might end up having more problems down the road.

Your Best Choice

Max Mechanical has been around since 1994 and has extensive experience when it comes to HVAC maintenance. So even before any issues surface, make sure to set up an appointment with Max Mechanical to make sure that your unit is ready for the rigors of summer’s heat.

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