4 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips For Winter


There is much Do-it-yourself HVAC maintenance for winter that go beyond the usual advice of removing dried grass from the outside unit. At Max Mechanical, we know that there is more to HVAC maintenance than giving your unit a good wash and removing debris. Try these 4 DIY HVAC maintenance tips that will help you get ready for winter. Naturally, do not attempt to adjust or fix any problems that could result in electrical shock. When in doubt, call us first!

Turn Off The Heat For HVAC Maintenance

Much of the HVAC maintenance for your unit during winter is to prevent an incident where a repair needs to be done in the future. Sadly, many homeowners end up spending money on their HVAC unit during the wintertime because they forgot to switch off their air conditioning. When it is unusually warm outside, it can cause the AC unit to kick on. The AC unit’s water can collect on that day and may freeze later in the night. This type of freezing can cause an entire HVAC unit to be inoperable and need repairs. The easy way to prevent this mishap is to locate the circuit for your AC unit and turn it off before it starts getting cold outside.

Install Foam Pipe Covers

Is part of your HVAC unit outside? Make sure the unit has pipes around it covered with foam. This is a simple installation and only requires cheap foam covers for pipes that you find at hardware stores and duct tape. The covers will insulate the pipes against freezing weather so that your heating system is not working too hard when the weather is rough.

Keep Unit Covered

Another way to keep your annual bills under control is to protect your air conditioning unit during the wintertime. In addition to turning it off the A/C, you will also want to put a cover of some type over it. In some cases, homeowners will have a carpenter make a specialty cover that matches the outside of the home. Vinyl covers can also be used, but canvas tarpaulins may not provide the weatherproof condition you need. With this protective measure, you can ensure that your unit will have a chance to last beyond the warranty.

Secure Unit From Strong Winds

Unfortunately, high winds can cause a lot of damage to an HVAC unit. Keeping them safe from projectiles in the backyard is easy with vinyl ropes, bungee cords, and a strong cover to wrap it in. Once it is tightly wrapped, it is easier to brush away snow, pinecones, twigs and other debris.

Get Your HVAC Maintenance Services With Us!

There are many things homeowners can do for themselves, but someone double-checking your work never hurts. Also, we can do other jobs that homeowners should not do alone such as checking the power supply, looking at Freon levels, running diagnostics on the computer, and lubricating working parts.

Click here or call 972-233-1637 to learn more about protecting your HVAC for the long haul!

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