4 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips For Fall

4 DIY HVAC Maintenance Tips For Fall

The coming of fall brings with it a number of concerns for homeowners, both in and out of the house. One of those issues deals with HVAC maintenance, which is something that can often get pushed aside in favor of addressing more visual representations of the living surroundings.

One reason for this approach is the belief that if no problems currently exist, any seasonal maintenace can be pushed back to save some money. However, there are inexpensive ways to handle this area with much less hassle by undertaking the four HVAC maintenance tips listed below:

Use a Programmable Thermostat

When the weather starts getting cooler, homeowners tend to glance at their thermostat a little more often in order to stay warm. More and more people are choosing to have a programmable thermostat installed because of the value that can come from it, in contrast to the old-fashioned models.

The reason can be found in the name itself. These thermostats can be programmed to lower the temperature in a home when you’re either asleep or away at work or school. Over the course of a single month or year, the cost savings from the reduced energy expended can be put to much better use.

Change the Air Filter

Over the course of a single month. there’s plenty of dirt that can accumulate within the filter of your HVAC system. The more dirt that accumulates, the less heat comes out, which leads many people to simply increase the level of that heat. The problem is that move not only increases your monthly energy costs, but can take a toll on the lifespan if the unit.

Taking the time to make this replacement every month can be economically beneficial for you and your family and also manages to deliver the type of HVAC maintenance that will keep your air quality at a high level. That can be important for elderly residents or those with breathing concerns.

Staying Debris-Free

In the same vein as replacing your filter, simply keeping your HVAC unit clean and addressing any debris that might accumulate in the furnace blower area is seasonal maintenace that makes sense. Using a hand-held vacuum might be enough to handle tight areas, though anything that removes potential blockages is a good idea.

Some homeowners have an outside unit, which makes it especially important to closely watch for the presence of debris. Dirt, leaves and other considerations come into play much more easily in these surroundings.

Listening for Odd Noises

Some HVAC maintenance tips can be more simple than others, like the one that only requires a resident to keep their ears open for any strange noises. Your system will make noises that are consistent, so when you hear something out of the ordinary, try and find the source.

It’s very possible that you may end up having to call in a professional to handle things from there. However, simply remaining aware of such concerns can contain a small problem and also avoid the risk of either a major repair bill or a full replacement of your system, which can be expensive.

The Best Option

Seasonal maintenace might be hard if you have a busy life and Max Mechanical understands this dilemma. That’s why we’re ready to provide you with HVAC maintenance from high-trained professionals.

The HVAC maintenance tips above can hopefully help you stave off any needed repairs. If not, we’re just a simple phone call away at either 972-233-1637 or 817-459-4100. You can also simply fill out the online form on our website.

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