3 Brilliant Ways to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

When planning for a polished and beautiful outdoor landscape, oftentimes HVAC units don’t make an appearance in your vision. While a necessary thing to have for your home, it is understandable that people may not be too happy with how the clunky and large appliance creates an ugly distraction in your yard. Luckily, there are a few ways to discreetly hide your outdoor HVAC unit without compromising the performance of the equipment:

Plant Tall & Dense Foliage

Foliage is a great and flexible way to beautifully hide your outdoor HVAC unit, and the options are endless as to which plants to use. It’s important to research some plants that will do well not only in your regional zone but also in close proximity to your HVAC system. 

Tall Grasses

Tall grasses, whether planted around the outdoor HVAC unit or in pots surrounding it has been a fan favorite for its ability to endure difficult weather (which makes it particularly strong against the hot air emitting from the HVAC unit) as well as its height bringing a luxurious and private feel to your yard. Keep in mind, while grasses such as Zebra Grass and White Pampas are great to use for this endeavor, you should be careful about planting bamboo in the ground; it is a notoriously invasive species that could take over your whole yard!

Smalle, Dense Trees

While it’s not advisable to plant large trees or foliage that have the capacity to disrupt your HVAC unit with large, unruly roots, small & dense trees or hedges such as the Privet Hedge are great choices to plant around your outdoor unit to hide it from view. A nice border of small evergreen trees will allow for yearlong coverage around your unit with easy access to the equipment for routine HVAC maintenance.

foliage hiding HVAC unit

Wooden Panel/Privacy Gates

Using wooden plans and privacy gates as methods of hiding your outdoor HVAC unit are seen as more traditional and have the benefit of drawing less attention. Available in a variety of styles and materials, you can leave the gate as-is, or even paint it to the color of your choice. This method also provides a great barrier against wildlife and potential HVAC theft

Wood Trellis Hiding A/C Unit

Source: Kingstowne Lawn


Combining the two above ideas, trellises are a great way to combine beautiful ironwork and colorful flowers to effectively hide your HVAC unit. Typically created for flowers to climb high up, the make and design of trellises can vary widely, making it easy to match your outside decor. Choosing hearty climbing plants like English Ivy, clematis or roses will provide year-long greenery with occasional pops of color that will delight your guests.

trellis to hide HVAC unit

One key factor you must keep in mind is that your HVAC unit must be accessible in case of service needs. While it’s okay to obstruct the view of your unit, it’s equally important to ensure all proper airflow vents are unobstructed, and that your equipment can be accessed quickly if need be. To have your HVAC unit assessed by one of our trained professionals, call Max Mechanical today. We can take a look to ensure your set-up is safe for your home and for your HVAC unit, as well as complete the necessary routine maintenance while we’re there!

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