10 Signs You Should Invest In An AC Tune Up

ac tune upThese ten signs will tell you that your HVAC system (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) is not working efficiently and it is time for an AC tune up. When these signs are ignored, they get worse. There will come a point when the air conditioning is so poor that a major and costly AC repair will be the only solution. By knowing the signs, you can avoid unnecessary cost, and reduce the likelihood of someone falling ill.

1. The Overall Temperature is Wrong
This could mean that the refrigerant level is low, and it is not cooling the recycled air enough, so the rooms stay too warm for the thermostat setting.

2. The AC is Coming On Too Often
This is also a sign of low refrigerant, but it could indicate that the thermostat’s internal connectors need adjusting.

3. Some Rooms Feel OK, but Others Do Not
If the air flow in some rooms seems weak, it could mean the ducts are blocked with dust and pollen, or the ducts are leaking.

4. There is Dust in the Rooms
If dust is coming out of the vents, then there is probably dust and pollen build-up in the ducts.

5. The Air Smells Funny or It Feels Damp
If the rooms feel clammy, or there is a musty odor it suggests the HVAC system is not removing the moisture as it recycles the air. This could be a sign of low refrigerant, or it could mean the condenser fan is not working properly.

6. There is Water in the Drain Pan or Under the Air Handler
This suggests a blockage in the condensate drain. Mold can build up and block the drain resulting in poor air quality, bad smells and, eventually, the unit will rust out. This leads, if left alone, to an expensive AC repair.

7. Water is Dripping from or Pooling around the Condenser
This is a sure sign of leaking refrigerant

8. The Utility Bills Are Getting High
You will notice this sign probably after you notice the room temperature feels wrong, or the system is cycling on and off too frequently. An inefficient unit uses about 15% more electricity than it should. The net result is that you are spending more money to feel less comfortable. An AC tune up is needed

9. You Feel Unwell
Dirt and pollen build-up in the ducts, mold around the air handler or a blocked or missing filter all result in poor air quality. Poor air quality leads to poor health.

10. The Outside Unit is Very Noisy
The condenser unit has a large fan to help draw recycled air through. The fan, like any moving part, can wear out. The noise is probably the bearings showing signs of wear.

Eventually the air conditioning will fail completely, and it is time, not just for an AC tune up, but for an expensive repair.

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